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How can Fair Site Design help?

FairSiteDesign has the expertise and knowledge to build or update your website. We provide Web Design for small businesses, organizations, non profit and individuals. You will need to fill out my contact form in order to get a free quote.

Below is more information regarding the services FairSiteDesign offers:

Houston Tx Based Web Design
My Web Design guarantee

As a small business owner, having a great online presence is very important. With this, I want to ensure your customers ( new & old ) are able to easily find information about you and how to access your services. Online visibility is by far the most important thing for any business nowadays. I can use my industry knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the best-looking website, that represents the image you are trying to project to the world about your company.

Mainly, I want to ensure you are up to date and easy to find for potential clientele. This means being up to date with current search engine trends, making your website a central hub for your services, and helping you understand how to maintain your website. To ensure this, all of my web design projects include the following features:



- WordPress design
- Tutorial(s) on website use
- Mobile responsive design
- Integration with your content ( images, text )
- Social media integration
- Initial draft with 1 revision
- Caching setup for speed

Web Design Packages

When it comes to the proper website, some businesses need more content or pages to show the proper amount of information. Others may need a simple page for one specific feature. While most tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

I understand that every business has different needs. Therefore, I offer different packages to accommodate specific sites for any business. Below is a breakdown of the different Web Design packages I offer,( these are subject to change ) you can also check out some example templates on my templates page.


The features below are not set in stone for each package, but will be taken into consideration for the entire design and there may be additional fees.



1 Page Design:


- WordPress build
- Mobile Friendly
- 300 - 400 Words ( provided by client )
- 1 page of content ( provided by client)
- 1 main feature ( social, contact form, slider, etc )
- Optimized for speed



3 Page Design:


- WordPress build
- Mobile Friendly
- 500 - 700 words ( provided by client )
- 3 pages of content ( provided by client )
- up to 3 features ( Social, contact form, slider, etc )
- Optimized for speed



5 Page Design:


- WordPress build
- Mobile Friendly
- 500 - 1000 words ( provided by client )
- 5 pages of content ( provided by client )
- up to 5 features ( Social, contact form, slider, etc )
- Optimized for speed





- If you need anything outside of what you see above, you will need to fill out the form at www.fairsitedesign.com/contact or give me a call at (832) 856 - 0323.
- Please provide examples from other sites you see that offer close to what you are looking for. This will help me to see your vision.

Other help regarding Web presence

I've been working in the online industry for over 4 years. Having learned many things about what it takes to be successful online, I can offer advice and help you get everything you need setup. If you are looking for the following:



- Web Hosting
- Domain registration
- Email setup
- On-site SEO optimization
- Search Engine rankings



These are all very important areas of helping to establish your web presence. With any web design project, I will either develop the content for you, or point you to other industry experts that I personally recommend. Either way, Fair Site Design will ensure your website is up and running at the end of every project.


Fair Site Design FAQ:



What guarantees are offered with your services?


Fair Site Design will build your website in about 3-4 weeks time. Keep in mind that some projects may be delivered earlier or later, depending on their size. If your projects expected delivery is more than this time, we will let you know prior to starting work. In order to accomplish this, we would need to communicate with you from time to time and have adequate content ( whether provided by you or developed by us ).



Which platform will be used to build my website?


We use WordPress to build our clients websites. Fair Site Design uses this because it is one of the leading CMS programs out there today. This means we can ensure your website will run at maximum efficiency and even teach you how to edit your website (no coding knowledge needed!).
What do I get for what I'm paying for?

Any web design project will guarantee some services for you. Others are added on to the design cost, such as developing written content or images. Hosting services are not included in any quotes offered for Fair Site Designs cost, as we do not offer this service directly. Your cost for the web design project entitles you to an:

A web designer to work with during the project
A professional site built on the leading CMS software, WordPress
Different options to fit your website needs
1 revisions provided beyond the first draft
Full ownership of the website given after final payment
How much does your service cost and when is payment expected?


The cost of each project varies from site to site. To start the project, 50% of the cost is expected to start. This will cover any development time for the sites features (which are established at the beginning). Before the site is delivered and made live to your domain, the remaining 50% will need to be paid. After that, the final product will be delivered and you own your website.



Do you currently offer any after project support or ongoing services?


Currently, any support or work done will be during the project time. We will show you how to edit your website. During the project, Fair Site Design will ensure you are satisfied with the website.  Any work or maintenance will be considered and quoted separately ( varying on amount of work and / or time )

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